Rupture Pin Valve – corrective maintenance service and testing in accordance with NOM- 093-SCFI-2020.

Case Study: Success with Rupture Pin Valve Maintenance

At Taylor Valve Technology, we specialize in reliable high-pressure relief valves, including our patented Rupture Pin valves. Designed for both liquid and gas relief operations, our valves are the preferred standard for pressure relief applications in mud handling, particularly in the drilling industry.

rupture pin valve

Key Benefits of Rupture Pin Valves:

  1. Ease of Maintenance: A single person can easily change pins in minutes.
  2. Simplicity and Durability: The valve has only one moving part, making it ideal for pulsating pressures.
  3. Remote Monitoring: A proximity sensor can be set up to monitor the valve’s status remotely.
  4. Wide Pressure Range: The same valve can serve a wide pressure range, from 1,000 psi to 10,000 psi, just by changing the rupture pin.
  5. Reliable Configurations: Offers reliable configurations with +/-5% accuracy of set pressure.
rupture pin valve

Maintenance Service Case Study: Recently, we received a Rupture Pin valve model I-BU manufactured in 2009 from a client in the marine drilling and exploration industry in Mexico. The valve required replacement of internals, tightness tests, and operating adjustments according to their process requirements.

Service and Testing: The maintenance workshop conducted a total rebuild of the valve using a rebuild kit, ensuring the valve’s integrity and extending its life. Subsequently, the valve underwent three tests at an accredited testing laboratory, meeting all required standards:

rupture pin valve
  1. Tightness Test at 90% of the pressure of the rupture pin.
  2. Calibration verification with a yellow break pin (5,500 psi).
  3. Calibration verification with an orange break pin (5,500 psi).

All the tests menFoned above were successful, the valve is hermeFc and for the calibraFon verificaFon tests at the two required points, the accuracy of +/- 5% of the set pressure was met, for this reason, it was concluded that the valve is in opFmal operaFng condiFons, with the same accuracy as a new valve.

We share some images of the rehabilitated valve, ready for shipment to our client.

rupture pin valve

The deliverables for our client were:

– Valve recepFon report
– Service report
– Valve with valve idenFficaFon plate and service performed – CalibraFon verificaFon reports

Conclusion: At Taylor Valve Technology, we strongly recommend preventive and corrective maintenance of Rupture Pin valves at authorized service centers using original spare parts. Our engineers are trained to handle all types of maintenance on Rupture Pin valves.

For more information or to schedule maintenance for your valves, contact us today!

Alejandra Baez Sales Manager CORPEQ